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Different Types of Quad Roller Skates
04.07.2021 | Skatesfun | News

Are you a teenager with a passion for skating or an adult who enjoys roller skating in their free time or maybe a professional roller skater, whatever category you fall in you must always feel tempted towards good roller skates? If that is the case then we got your back with the bestquad roller skates in town. This wide range of roller skates is perfect for everyone because it extends from kids’four wheels roller skates to adult quad skates Let’s start with learning about what quad skates actually are. Quad roller skates are four-wheel roller skates with two wheels in the front and two wheels on the back on each skate. These are traditional roller skates and are coined as “original roller skates” which have remained popular for over a century. The history of roller skates suggests that the simple yet attractive design of quad skates has made them a leading type of roller skates since the mid-1800s.

Parts and material

Quad skates are mainly made of boots, plates, wheels, bearing, and toe stops, here toe stops are optional. These roller skates are mostly composed of materials like PVC, carbon fiber, polymer, leather, or fiberglass.

There are both high and low cut boots available for quad skates. For skaters prefer high boots because it provides ankle support while some feel more inclined towards low cut boots for more flexibility in the rotation of the ankle. However, the height of the boot depends on the type of skating you will be doing and your level of skills.

Are Quad Skates User-friendly?

Quad roller skates are extremely user friendly. If you are someone who is skating for the first time in their life and has no skating experience at all then quad skates are for you. They require little to no skating experience, you can master them in a short period of time. With only a little effort you will be able to gain speed. With your quad skates, you will be able to turn and stop wherever and whenever you want as it features a rubber break or toe stop for an easy or quick stop. Skaters can perform a complete beautiful curve with quad roller skates. Quad skates don’t wobble sideways hence providing great stability and great ankle support so that you do not sprain your ankle.

Quad Skates for kids

As we know that quad roller skates are pretty user-friendly, therefore they are a good choice for children. The large footprints of quad roller skates increase stability and boost up the confidence of the skater of all levels, even kids. They provide good ankle support to protect the delicate ankles of kids. Quad skates are standard for indoor rinks, which sits perfectly with the idea of kids enjoying skating in indoor rinks. Although they are also good to be used in outdoor rinks because of their versatility they can be used anywhere and by anyone.

Types of Quad Roller Skates

Quad skates being versatile are perfect for any sort of roller skating. There are many popular quad roller skates. Some of these quad skates have a large following of roller skates users. The most popular quad skates are as below:

  • Artistic quad skates
  • Jam quad skates
  • Rhythm quad skates
  • Speed quad skates
  • Derby quad skates

1. Artistic Quad Skates

Artistic roller skating is the same sport like figure skating but the competitors in artistic roller skating wear roller skates instead of ice skates. For Artistic roller skating, inline skates can be used but the more traditional way is to wear quad skates. Artistic roller skating involves primary and secondary movements without turns hence artistic roller skates have a high leather boot.

To support the jumping artistic quad skates have a very strong soleplate and a jump bar to add additional reinforcement and stability. Artistic quad skates are used for a variety of skating sports like single free skating, pairs skating, solo dance, and synchronized skating.

The high boot of artistic quad skates having a soft vinyl upper provides great comfort and mobility to the skater.

As mentioned above, artistic roller skating is based on jumps, spins, and landings hence a good artistic quad skate is one which has a strong soleplate to make your jumps and landings smooth. The boot for artistic roller skate sits a few inches higher than your ankle providing more stability and support for your foot. You can find your desired artistic quad skates at Skates Fun to make your performance look flawless.

2. Jam Quad Skates

Jam skating is a skating sport consisting of combinations of gymnastics, dance, and roller skating performed on roller skates. The origin of jam skating is disputed but it has its roots in the traditional roller disco but recently it has been greatly influenced by breakdancing, artistic skating, gymnastics, and modern dance.

Jam quad skates are different from any other quad skates because of its unique low cut design and lack of toe stop, yes, no break. Jam quad skates feature an extremely low cut design with a dance plug in the placement of the toe stop. Jam quad skates use lightweight frames for fast and agile movements which are an essential part of gymnastic and breakdancing involved in jam skating Breakdancing in its early evolution was just an underground movement fueled by teenagers and skaters in their early 20s and later it became a part of jam skating.

The original design for jam skates was similar to artistic skates with high boots and a toe stop. However, with time the design shifted to a low cut boot that looks like a glove wrapped around your foot and providing you the slightest bit of extra room in your toe that you need. Successful jam skaters who have mastered all the different forms of movements for jam skating can easily translate those movements while on jam quad skates.

3. Rhythm Quad Skates

Rhythm skating is soul-based skating. It is the first segment of the ice dance competition but it is also done by wearing rhythm quad skates instead of ice skates. Similar to jam skates, rhythm skates are designed for dancing, shuffle skates, and slides. The difference between jam skates and rhythm skates is more prominent in its boot. Rhythm skates have a high boot which resembles that of the artistic skate. It would be fair to call rhythm quad skates a hybrid of artistic and jam skates.

Rhythm quad skates do not have a traditional toe stop instead they have a dance plug like jam quad skates. So if you want your soul to take over your body and move to a beat with additional ankle support, then the rhythm quad skates are a perfect match for you.

The significance of high boot design in rhythm skates is to give you ankle support and the stiff leather boot will avoid ankle sprained and injuries. While choosing your rhythm skates you have to be vigilant about making wheel choice. If you are going to slide around a rink then you should go for a harder wheel. But if you are looking for grip or outdoor use then a soft wheel is the right choice to make. Considering your dance style, choosing the right wheel is extremely important so that you can slay the moves you have been practicing!

4. Speed Quad Skates

The purpose of speed quad skates is self-explanatory….yes! Speed, these boots are designed differently for more speed especially in races. The general public tends to associate speed skates with inline skates however, they are available in both inline and quad form. The design of speed skates closely resembles that of a shoe with little to no padding increasing the foot to boot ratio. They have the best plates mounted to them to give the best stability, maneuverability, and freedom of movement.  They have low cut boots that sit around the ankle bone or below it.

The plates are light-weighted to control fatigue for skating long distancing like in relay and marathons. Speed skates are pretty similar to jam skates that recently they are also being used for speed skating because they provide freedom of movement as well. A difference between jam skates and speed skates is that speed skates use a toe stop instead of a toe plug.

5. Derby Quad Skates

Roller derby is a well-known sport by many people around the globe but not all of them completely understand it. It is a contact sport that uses strength and strategy in order to win, to say the least. Derby skates have a low-cut design boot with a lace-up closure. They look like everyday roller skates but they have more padding than jam or speed skates in order to withstand the bumping and bashing that roller derby entails. Derby skates also use straps to hold the skater’s foot in position. These skates can also be equipped with accessories to protect against injuries.  


Above mentioned quad skates are the most popular quad skates. The roller skating culture is so diverse. There are various skating sports that use a wide range of quad skates. So grab your favorite pair of quad skates and skate the night away.